Young Troubel Talks Music & Opening Up For Meek Mill!


Boot Blogs: Troubel, Where are you from?

Troubel: For the ones that don’t know. I’m was born in Ft Pierce, Fl but later migrated to Delray Beach,Fl which in 2016 became the Rehab Capital of the world!

Boot Blogs: What was it like being in a group? Would you say being a solo artist is better?

Troubel: I was in a few rap groups I enjoyed working with everybody but I always had a focus to start my own label so I used each opportunity to learn something about the music business.

Boot Blogs: How did it feel when you finally got your very own studio?

Troubel: Great, I felt I had more flexibility to create. It allowed me to create music whenever I wanted.

Boot Blogs: You are from FL and with that being said I see that you were influenced by Tupac, Master P, Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, & Jay Z. None of them are from FL. What was it about them that influenced you?

Troubel: Those were some of the artist I use to listen to growing up.  Master P was the most influential artist and business owner to me personally. He gained my interested by how he established his label and constructed his business deals.

Boot Blogs: I see that Trick Daddy, Rick Ross, & Plies are also names on your list of influences. How did they influence you as well?

Troubel: Trick Daddy, Plies, & Rick Ross were great influences in my career as they live similar lifestyles. All from South Florida with similar struggles shout out to Pitbull, Fat Joe, Dj Khaled, Ace Hood, Ball Greezy, & Kodak Black

Boot Blogs: What was that experience like opening for Gunplay, Meek Mill, & Pretty Ricky?

Troubel: It was a great experience opening up for Gunplay, Meek Mill, & Pretty Rickey.  They all showed me much love. I got a chance to hang out with Gunplay and Pretty Rickey after the show. I was also invited to a few Pretty Rickey Video shoots but was unable to attend due to me having a warrant at the time.

Boot Blogs: How did your troubles produce opportunity for you? Was it musically and your life?

Troubel: My troubles actually held me back. At the time I was a one person entity, recording, producing, and releasing my very own music. It was hard to continue pushing music because I was on the run with a warrant for violating my probation. Although I went through a lot like going back and fourth to jail, being on house arrest, ect. I never stopped writing and recording.

Boot Blogs: What advice would you give an upcoming artist that may be facing the troubles you’ve faced on their journey?

Troubel: Never give up on yourself no matter the circumstance keep working and believe in yourself.

Boot Blogs: From Troubels’ perception; What are the pros & cons when it comes to the music industry that you’ve experienced?

Troubel: I’ve experienced a lot of fake people in the industry. Niggaz out here ain’t who they display themselves as.

Boot Blogs: With where you are today and the accomplishments that you have made, If you had the chance. What advice would Troubel as of now give younger Troubel?

Troubel: I would tell myself to work harder and stay focused on my goals.

Boot Blogs: What should fans be looking forward to on your newest upcoming mixtape “Rehab Resort”

Troubel: Most definitely this mixtape will be My 3rd project I have been working with many artist so you can expect a few guest features. The Rehab Resort is a testimony of Life in the city of Delray Beach so That’s what I named my mixtape!