Filing Customers Allegedly Had Gun Brandished At Them For ‘Complaining’.

In North Houston on Thursday a tax preparer with a background of being sentenced in 2012 for more than 4 years, because of their part in a multi-million dollar ATM servicing company heist.

This tax preparer was confronted by filers who noticed ‘discrepancies,’ which resulted in one induvial to be audited by the IRS. However; because of this confrontation the filers were threatened with a gun.

She-[tax preparer] stood in front of the door blocking anyone from leaving & approached a customer that began recording. She took the phone, hit the customer in the head, & attempted to delete the video. Not realizing how an iPhone functions, videos, pictures/images don’t automatically delete. They’re sent to a “recently deleted” file that holds deleted items for at least a month or so. ‘

The police was called, the tax preparer has since been arrested on multiple charges of aggravated robbery & assault. If you are wondering why your reading this article it is simply an awareness message. Be careful with whom & how you choose to file your taxes, make sure to research the business, it’s reviews, & if it’s referred ask enough/needed questions to prevent these things from affecting you.

Although & fortunately no one was seriously injured, because they’ve filed their taxes with this person/business this not only affects the timeline, but they may not be able to file elsewhere possibly until next year (tax season). [POSSIBLY].


Afraid Your Taxes Won’t Be Filed By April? Don’t Worry, IRS Pushes Deadline Back!

April 15th was the original deadline date for filing taxes; however, IRS has been pressured to move back filing deadline by accountants & taxpayers. Last year filing dates were pushed back to July, because of the pandemic.

So, if you haven’t filed yet, you are still able to file. But, make sure you file before [May 17th, 2021] it was said that the extension is “absolutely necessary” by Democratic leaders of the House Ways & Means Committee.