Godzilla vs. Kong Grosses Surprising Box Office Numbers!

In the U.S. alone Godzilla vs. Kong grossed $32.2 million in the box office. Collectively with Canada the film brought in $48.5 million, now internationally it brought to the box office $285.4 million.

In North America the cinematic film opened in over 3,000 theaters. It also had the largest opening, grossing $9.6 million the very first day! You would think with the pandemic this would have somehow affected the release or box office of Godzilla vs. Kong, however that was not the case here whatsoever!

Quoted statement by Chief Analyst at, (Shawn Robbins):

“It should again send a message to studios that the world’s audiences are hungry for big cinematic releases.” “If ‘Godzilla vs. Kong can break out to these numbers in a still-handicapped domestic market with a simultaneous streaming release, imagine what other blockbuster contenders will be able to achieve in the months ahead when given a reasonable window of theatrical exclusivity from day one.”

 “A sleeping giant is truly beginning to wake up.”

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