Filing Customers Allegedly Had Gun Brandished At Them For ‘Complaining’.

In North Houston on Thursday a tax preparer with a background of being sentenced in 2012 for more than 4 years, because of their part in a multi-million dollar ATM servicing company heist.

This tax preparer was confronted by filers who noticed ‘discrepancies,’ which resulted in one induvial to be audited by the IRS. However; because of this confrontation the filers were threatened with a gun.

She-[tax preparer] stood in front of the door blocking anyone from leaving & approached a customer that began recording. She took the phone, hit the customer in the head, & attempted to delete the video. Not realizing how an iPhone functions, videos, pictures/images don’t automatically delete. They’re sent to a “recently deleted” file that holds deleted items for at least a month or so. ‘

The police was called, the tax preparer has since been arrested on multiple charges of aggravated robbery & assault. If you are wondering why your reading this article it is simply an awareness message. Be careful with whom & how you choose to file your taxes, make sure to research the business, it’s reviews, & if it’s referred ask enough/needed questions to prevent these things from affecting you.

Although & fortunately no one was seriously injured, because they’ve filed their taxes with this person/business this not only affects the timeline, but they may not be able to file elsewhere possibly until next year (tax season). [POSSIBLY].

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