If You Could Be Paid $2,4oo To Avoid All Digital Screens For 24 Hours Would You? This Company May Pay You!

You read the headline correctly, [] will have a 24-Hour Digital Detox Challenge | for those who are willing to be a contestant to enter in this 24hr challenge! You’re basically being paid $100 an hour to avoid all digital devices: T.V. phone, computer, tablet, game systems…simply put, no electronics whatsoever.

Phone Addiction Reports:

3 out of 4 Americans consider themselves addicted to their phones.

• Majority of us check our phones once every 9 minutes (160 times a day).

• We spend an average of 56 hours & 42 minutes per week watching TV, that’s nearly 17 hours more than a full-time job!

Still think you could do it ?

Quoted on website:

“Do you need to escape your daily routine with a digital detox? We know it’s hard to take even a day away from work, school, socializing, games, and the endless scrolling and streaming online, but what if we could make it worth your while?”

“ wants to give someone $2,400 to go 24 hours without technology—we have a feeling someone out there needs a break.”


Must be willing to disconnect from all personal technology (emergencies excluded) for 24 hours.

  • No cell phone
  • No television
  • No gaming consoles/handheld gaming devices
  • No computers/laptops
  • No smartwatches or wearable tech
  • No smart home devices (smart speakers, smart vacuums, etc.)

This was written by Trevor Wheelwright.

There are 24 terms & conditions in order to qualify when applying for this Digital Detox Challenge. The application process for this challenge ends March 26, 2021.

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