Get Ready! A Full Moon Is Approaching On March 28th!

The last Full Moon of winter is approaching March 28, 2021! This particular moon is known as the “Worm Moon” because as the ground thaws earthworms come back to the surface. For those who aren’t fully aware of what a “Full Moon” brings, here’s some insight!

The Full Moon tends to bring a build-up of energy both light & dark. You may tend to overreact to the little stuff, so you’re emotions may hit an absolute peak during Full Moons. However, it all depends on what kind of Full Moon it is (Astrology) or season.

For example: A Leo Full Moon, which past recently this typically will cause for some unusual or unfamiliar traits/behavior for some such as; being dramatic, short tempered, or egotistic.

No matter your sign you’ll be affected in some way no matter how major or minimal. Now, let’s not get any of this confused, it is important that you utilize your energy affectively.

This boost of energy needs to be directed into either a positive, productive, or uplifting outlet (do all of the above if you can).

Not sure where to start?

Listed below are some things you can do during the Full Moon,

whether you’re a beginner or

spiritually invested.

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