50 Cent & Executive Producer of ‘Black-ish’ Team Up for New Netflix Series ‘The 50th Law’

Creator & Executive Producer of Black-ish franchise, Kenya Barris & Executive Producer of Power franchise, 50 Cent are developing “The 50th Law” series that’ll be aired on Netflix. It originally is a bestselling book written by 50 Cent & Robert Greene that was published September 8, 2009. The story paints an autobiography of 50 Cent’s actual life as a hustler & an up-and-coming musician. The book details his life, however this visual that’s coming to Netflix will broaden the views of long-time fans, aspiring musicians, or someone who can relate directly to what it is like to be a hustler as well. Kenya Barris & Hale Rothstein will write pilot script & produce along side 50 Cent.

Lionsgate will produce via 50 Cent’s overall deal at Starz. No date has yet been disclosed as of yet. The series will also detail 50 Cent’s lessons & anecdotes from historical figures such as: Malcom X, Sun Tzu, Napoleon, Abraham Lincoln, James Baldwin, & Socrates.

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