‘Mortal Kombat’ Official Trailer Released By New Line Cinema!

In the new Mortal Kombat movie Cole Young (MMA Fighter) fights & commonly loses for a living for money. However, his heritage is well above that position as far as history dates back. Sub-Zero (best warrior) is sent by Shang Tsung (Outworld’s Emperor) to find Cole. After finding this out Cole searches to find the Sonya Blade. Cole is also born with a dragon mark that he doesn’t quite understand why, but he’ll soon be enlightened that he’s been “chosen.” He’ll also be trained by Liu Kung & Kano to fight against Outworld Cryomancer “Sub-Zero.” Therefore; it is up to Cole to unlock his arcana from within his soul; he must save his family, & stop Sub-Zero!

Mortal Kombat Official Trailer

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