The Original “What It Feels Like” Is 8 Years Old!

“What It Feels Like.” Nipsey Hussle Ft. Jay- Z has been surrounded with anticipation for when it’ll be released. It is on the soundtrack of Black Panther bio pic “Judas & The Black Messiah.” However, fans are under the impression that the song is a “new” collab. When in fact the original version was released 8 years ago (2013.)

It originally featured Tito Lopez, but his verse was taken off & replaced with Jay- Z’s verse. He went to Instagram to post the original version of the song. Captioning it “original what it feels like” “new to you. Old to me.” He also posted more credible post that clarifies his statement.

Tito Lopez Instagram:

Nipsey Hussle verse:

“Look, the only reason I survive cause a n*gga is special, first,” the late Crenshaw legend raps. “You get successful, then it get stressful, thirst. N*ggas gon test you, see what your texture’s worth. Diamonds and pipes, one of ’em pressure bursts. Street n*gga, still I get checks, in spurts. I’m from Peach but before I get pressed, I murk. Better days pray for but expectin’ worse.”

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