Looking To Budget But Don’t Know Where Or How To Start?

Some of you may remember the 50, 30, 20 rule, which is 50% to rent/household, 30% to entertainment, & 20% to investing/savings. Some believed that the 30 & 20 methods should be switched [occasionally]. It really all depends on how you choose to live your life financially; everyone is different with their wants & investments. However, that method has changed, maybe because of this pandemic or maybe it’s time for a change! This “change” has presented a new rule system & it is the 50, 40, 10 rule.

This rule is 50% rent/household, 40% investments/savings, & 10% entertainment. You are in control of your funds at the end of the day; however, this is a system that is very strategic & suitable for what is going on & also for what’s to come. In this article there will be NO pressuring the reader on how to utilize their money. This article is simply to inform those who may not be aware of the new budget rule system. The economy is headed in a virtually dominated direction where cryptocurrency, forex, bitcoin, you name it are becoming an idealistic way of financial utilization.

The U.S. dollar wasn’t too long ago converted from [paper to cotton] due to tree shortage in order to make actual paper dollars. That itself speaks volumes about the value on a single U.S. dollar. You don’t have to be filthy rich to invest, its either “one day or day one.” You define your life by the decisions/actions you put thought your, time, money, & energy into. The financial cushion that is being given to Americans will boost the economy in some way.

This article was written only to trigger a thought process in your mind. It’s not to lecture or challenge you, but to simply motivate you to entertain a thought that may have crossed your mind & you probably procrastinated or dismissed with doubt. Well, if you’re hesitant due to your income or situation, if you can; try to apply the new budget rule [50, 40, 10.] This applies to any tax bracket luckily. Also DO NOT be discouraged if you’re not starting out with much, just remember everything takes time (patience). Simply just start at Day One.

Does the new budget system resonates with you?

Will you start today?

How do you feel about the direction currency is going?

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