Reddit Users Teamed Up To Invest In GameStop Together & Ended Up Beating Billionaire Investors!

  As of yesterday, GameStop has cost Wall Street Elites billions! Wall Street expected the video game retailer to fail, however Reddit investors came together at first to “save” Game Stop. But it soon turned into a battle to win. Reddit has sent their stocks up by 14,300%. Although elite investors have lost billions of dollars, this situation has turned into a frenzy on social media with memes, internet lingo, & app trading disasters.

 The GameStop share crashed on one of the well known investing apps called “Robinhood.” GameStop share jumped to well over 822%, going from [$17.25] per stock (beginning of the year) to [$159.18] a share on Monday. On Tuesday shares dropped by nearly half, only to rise again to $147.98 a share. Tuesday. The price jumped 40% in after-hours trading. It closed at [$347.51] per share on Wednesday, before dropping again in after-hours trading.

Thursday, which was yesterday it jumped even higher, to [$483] a share, before dividing again. New York Stock Exchange halted GameStop shares temporarily over a dozen times before midday Thursday. It ended 44% down, which was $193.60 a share, only to just jump back up. Wall Street elites are more than furious with all the billions they’ve lost, because of this. Nevertheless, it is still seen as a joke being that it’s considerably “the rabbit & the gun” scenario.

Should Wall Street Elites get over it & keep investing?

Are Reddit investors wrong for beating the matrix of Wall Street?

Will this situation convince you to invest into shares?

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