Master P Along Side Former Tesla Automotive Engineer To Design Super Cars, Which Is Black Owned & Better Known As “Trion SuperCars”

For those who may not know or may not be aware of who Master P is, he was a well-known rapper in his profound “No Limit” days in the late 1990’s. He has a number of hits under his belt such as “Make ‘Em Say Ugh” “Bout It Bout It” & many more. He left the music industry to become a businessman & as you can see it worked out perfectly!

Being that Master P has his own food brand that consists of chips, pancakes, syrup & more to compete with other food brands. Master P & former NBA Star, Baron Davis are currently negotiating on buying Reebok for close to $2.4 billion.

Master P is one of the most strategic businessmen out there! Not only does he have his “Uncle P” food brand & Reebok buyout in the works! He’s currently in the business of designing cars too! Richard Patterson, who is a former engineer at Tesla will be bringing Master P’s supercars to life! Richard Patterson also designed Tesla’s popular car “Model S” vehicle.

Master P, Richard Patterson, & Romeo Miller

Master P took to Instagram & posted a video, Monday (Jan. 18, 2021) where he stated in the video that Richard is a new business partner of his. Click Master P (@masterp) • Instagram photos and videos to watch.

Trion SuperCars is course black owned, & the cars/SUVs will be affordable for the masses! This is a great step towards change in the culture & even something for black & brown engineers/entrepreneurs to look up to knowing this is possible in the automotive industry.

Nemesis RRcreated by
Richard Patterson

In an ESPN interview Master P stated:

“So, if we bought those products, how come we can’t buy it from us?” he questioned. “We bought it from them not knowing who owned it, where it came from, and we turned those companies into multi-billion-dollar businesses. So, I think it’s time that we educate ourselves. We could do the same thing. We could make a lot more African American billionaire. It don’t have to be when you can just count on your hand to Bob Johnson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey. That list could get way bigger than that if we realize that product outweighs talent.”

“These companies have been benefiting off us, this could be history for this company going Black-owned. “Imagine if Michael Jordan owned Reebok? That’s what I’m talking about making history.”

What do you think about the new super cars?

What do you think about Black & Brown people owning more in business?

Could you see yourself purchasing a Trion Super Car?

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