Dave Chappelle Tests Positive For COVID-19.

It is unfortunate that Dave Chappelle has tested positive for COVID. He canceled a string of shows in Austin, TX that were scheduled for this week. Tickets to any remaining shows were refunded. Chappelle has yet to show any symptoms, however he is in quarantine. He hasn’t clarified rescheduling any shows, his health comes first at all times so the betterment of his health is far more important at this time.

It was speculated that Elon Musk’s partner Grimes may have been the reason due to the fact that the singer had said she contracted the virus just last week. Comedian Joe Rogan took to Instagram & quickly halted rumors/speculation by saying:

“Because people are asking, I was not exposed to the person who had COVID and I have tested negative every day this week. Also, the person that gave COVID to Dave was NOT Elon’s partner, Grimes.”

Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle, Elon Musk, Grimes

  Joe, Dave, Elon, & Grimes took a picture together, which is the reason the masses feel she is responsible. Despite testing positive for COVID the singer continued to make public appearances. Elon & Grimes have yet to make a statement on the situation. However, all in all, wishing Dave Chappelle a safe, speedy, & healthy recovery.

Who or what do you think is the reason Chappelle has COVID?

Should shows of any kind be paused until social distancing is fully & properly structured?

Should Elon Musk & Grimes just quarantine until she tests negative?

Leave a reply below!

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