Stressed About Student Loan Payments? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Be!

For those who may be fearful of their unpaid student loan payments due to the financial strain that COVID has caused, now you have a reason to relax for a bit. Being that President Biden has “paused” student loan payments until September. That creates a window for students to at least get some what caught up right? Well, Republicans aren’t too happy about how Biden & his team are handling things as their adjusting to their new profound position.

Biden & his team have been on the grounds of the white house for 48 hours so far & they have no clue at the moment how much vaccine there is in stock. It is also said that in order to be entitled to Biden’s $1,400 stimulus check you would have to be vaccinated. Republicans aren’t too pleased nor thrilled with this approach Biden has strategized, it is said “The goal might be too modest.” Biden does plan on releasing more vaccine; however, he warns by saying “The virus is surging.” & “Things are going to get worse!” Biden wants 2 doses each of vaccine for 50 million people or you can just say 100 million shots within 100 days. A member of the federal vaccine advisory board was quoted by “New York Times” saying “I love that he set a goal, but a million dosses a day? I think we can do better.” “We are going to have to if we really want to get on top of this virus by, say, summer.”

Biden is also offering a $15 minimum wage & funding for public transportation; however, Republicans may not be willing to agree to these terms being that they believe those two proposals have nothing to do with a  “Relief Package.” But they do see hope with the vaccination & the expected end result, which is 50 million or more Americans being vaccinated.

What do you think about student loans being pushed to September?

Will you be getting vaccinated in order to receive a stimulus?

What do you think about the vaccination request from Biden being 10 million shots within 100 days?

Are Biden’s approach to minimum wage realistic?

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