When will You Receive Your Third Stimulus For $1,400?

Well today is January 20, 2021, which is the day of Joe Biden’s inauguration & also Trump’s final day as president. A lot of people have celebrated his departure & a lot of people are devastated because it & due to financial burdens that COVID-19 has caused. This pandemic has altered jobs, living situations, as well as healthcare leaving tons of Americans in a scarce predicament. Asking when will we receive a worthy amount of funds to maintain stability?

For those who may not know when this pandemic first wave hit, Canadians received relief payments on a WEEKLY BASIS of $2,000. Yes you read that correctly $2,000 WEEKLY! Now of course we know the U.S. has been in debt for a very very long time. So it’s a no brainer that the U.S. Government wasn’t able to grant a package as such, however there was some type of “relief.” Rent was extended along with light bills/utility bills as well. Creditors automatically canceled credit cards for users in case of being dramatically impacted financially.

It is said that Americans may not have to wait too long, newly found President Biden says the likelihood of his stimulus check will be $1,400. This will make up the $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan that Biden has presented on Thursday Jan. 14, 2021. Biden’s plan includes more funding for COVID vaccine distribution, testing & it will also aid small businesses, to the direct payments to the American people. Biden said during layout of his plan that “I’m convinced we are ready to get this done.” “The very health of our nation is at stake. We have to act, and we have to act now.”

Biden’s $1,400 stimulus checks could start hitting bank accounts in late February, said Alec Philipps. But, for that time frame to be realistically done, Congress would need to pass it by mid-February. Biden’s plan also applies to dependents & will extend stimulus payments to college students & any dependent over the age of 17.

Is a $1,400 stimulus enough for the people?

Is February too far away for what’s going on now?

What are your views on vaccine distribution, testing, & small business aid?

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