These 4 Kids Have The Highest IQ In THE WORLD!!!

Meet Ramarni Wilfred (16) , Alannah George (4), Alana Beevers (4 back in 2013) , & Muhammad Haryz Nadzim(3) ! All 4 of these individuals are members of “Mensa.” I know what you may be thinking, “What’s Mensa?” well it’s only the oldest & highest IQ society. Therefore, if you’re a member of this society you deserve to be there. And let’s just say that these 4 kids are well equipped for their membership!

16-year-old Ramarni whose IQ score of 162 is higher than Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, & Bill Gates. In the early stages of her life, which was 4 years old Alannah George, whose IQ score is over 140 was considered the youngest member of Mensa from the UK (United Kingdom) at that point in time. Alannah also obsessed over words & numbers. Back in 2013 Alana Beervers was also 4 years old at that time had an IQ level over 145 at just 10 Months old! She also knew each letter in the alphabet. At 5 years old Alana also could name every State & Capital in North America. Just recently in Jan. 2020 to join Mensa was Muhammad Haryz Nadzim, who scored 142 on IQ test. He is now placed at 99.7th percentile.

What are you thoughts & P.O.V. on IQ Tests?

Are they validated in order to determine if individuals should be judged for their intellect?

Or are all of these kids just down right geniuses & should teach us all a thing or two?

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