Boot Blogs Brief Article: Aaliya The Illustrator

Aaliya Harrison was born in Manhattan, NY. She lived in Jamaica, Queens until she was 8. Aaliya and her family later moved to Macon, GA.

At first, drawing was just “fun” to her as a young girl. She would sometimes just want to show off her talents to classmates in elementary school. It wasn’t until she hit middle school that she discovered anime, manga, and comics! Aaliya then realized she had a passion for character design, comics, and graphic novels.

When asked what inspired Aaliya, she stated that “she was inspired by cartoons she watched such as: Pepper Ann, Powerpuff girls, and Anime.” Aaliya stayed consistent with drawing and she also experimented with different mediums in high school. Aaliya began taking art more seriously. This was always inspired by colors, comics, manga, American comics, street art, and drawing different people, as you can tell that hasn’t changed much since!

When asked, were her illustrations mostly characters or people?

Aaliya explained:

“Women are beautiful to me, and I love being a woman! Graceful, powerful, and captivating. I love to draw them. I am learning to embrace my femininity more. I reflect that in my art as well. If there was only one thing i could draw for the rest of my life that would be my subject.”

Although this has been her thing since a kid. It was most challenging in high school, the rest Aaliya [self taught] on her free time. She also studied tutorials online, and simply practiced.

Aaliya’s art are mostly people and character designs, which includes fantasy characters. However she does like to draw other things such as: buildings and animals. Those are mostly in her sketchbook. Aaliya feels the older she gets she really just has one [subject matter] which are people!

It sometimes may become challenging to illustrate/create characters or people. Aaliya rarely has this difficulty. Only if she has art block then it becomes difficult.

Aaliya joked that there are artist that are experts with drawing hands. She feels she is okay at it. Sometimes she uses a reference or her own hands for a pose.

What’s next for Aaliya?


“I hope to start making and selling prints of my art work soon, one of my goals are to make a graphic novel and create an artbook filled with my sketches, paintings, and everything in between!”

-You can find Aaliya on Instagram at: liyajuly

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