Boot Blogs Brief Article: LashByA

Her name is Asiana Hollingshed. She was born in San Diego, California but was raised in Macon, Georgia.

What inspired Asiana to wear multiple hats pertaining to her brands such as; LashByA, Asia’s Glamour, & Modeling is because she always wanted to be an [entrepreneur] . She never saw herself working for anyone else; however, she had to start somewhere and watch herself develop.

When asked was modeling ever challenging or did it come naturally as far as a comfort zone, Asiana explained:

“Honestly, it was challenging when I first started only because I was so insecure about my skin, but now that I’ve grown more comfortable with myself I can say I love it! I’ve been out of my comfort zone once with my bikini shoot but hey that’s the perks about modeling.”

Asiana tied all her talents together with “Natural Beauty” her mother has always been into home and natural remedies.

That’s the whole purpose of Asia’s Glamour. It showcases natural beauty using natural products. [Cruelty free]. Asiana’s mother most definitely motivates her to keep going!

Asiana says:

Without my mother I wouldn’t have nothing. She’s done so much for my sisters and I. I just want to give it all back to her.

Asiana’s feeling of being recruited by the “Glam Trap” was an amazing one! She’s so excited for her future and the next step! She was a little discouraged about the whole thing, thinking “How will I be able to manage? And also work a 12 hour shift?” She had to make a choice!

When asked what’s next for Asiana and all of her talents she stated:

Hopefully, a nice little mansion on the hills, but no for real. I honestly just want to better myself as a person and the people around me. Live my life to the fullest with no regrets, because tomorrow isn’t promised.”

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