Boot Blogs Brief Article: “Chokoletd”

Destiny Walden, designer and founder of “Chokoletd” born and raised in Macon, Ga. Small town girl with big city dreams!

You may ask, “What does “Chokoletd” mean? Destiny explains:

“You would probably say “chocolate” or something else. When people pronounce it wrong I don’t get offended. That goes to show that I am doing something right and it always remind me that


You read the name, just like she looked at me. You were wrong but I have no problem educating you on where and why you were wrong. The main purpose behind my drive and push is to diversify the fashion industry more, keep others motivated, dedicated, and persistent.

Learning how to design wasn’t a walk in the park for Destiny. She eventually got it downpacked; however she explains the process was very difficult for her! In fact Destiny was so determined to learn how to design and sew. She even offered local designers money to teach her the basics and they all told her [NO]. That pushed her even more. She sat down for days reading, working, and making mistakes. She basically taught herself how to use a sewing machine and how to make garments all at once. The experience for Destiny was astounding. She learned that no matter how hard something is in life if you really want it you’ll go get it with no excuses! Destiny felt as though she completed the biggest step in her career by doing it herself.

Destiny hasn’t released any major collections this year. She only introduced them. One of the collections are “THE LAD” collection, which is going to introduce her brand as a whole. The meaning behind this is “Looks Are Deceiving” abbreviated and also representing her journey. The message behind this is the fact that she was told she wasn’t going to make it, because she was black.


“The lady who told me I wouldn’t make it in the fashion industry due to the incontestable fact that I am black, encouraged me! Giving up is what she wanted. I was proving a point to myself more than I was to her. That didn’t discourage me, it gave me a platform to keep pushing. I also wanted to keep going and have faith just to encourage those who would’ve given up.”

Destiny wanted to be that person who stepped out and stood up for what she believed in. Fortunately, from there many people gained respect for her and also started to look up to her in different ways. That was another goal accomplished for Destiny!

Destiny has a very strong passion for executing! The line “BLACK PEOPLE DON’T MAKE IT IN THE FASHION INDUSTRY.” stuck with her and motivated her tremendously!

She explains that line is what pushed her even more and that the color of her skin doesn’t define her talent nor does it define her drive. She didnt give up, because that’s what expected of us. She also came a very long way and whenever she endures that “give up” feeling, Destiny just thinks about how many people look up to her and how far she’s come.

Destiny collabed with Miles Robinson, whose the designer of “BlacklNoir.” She’s known him for almost 2 years now. They met at The Academy of Art University. “Chokoletd x Black Noir” is a collaboration in which they pushed the privellige of being black and embracing it! This collaboration is a merch line that will support Destiny’s upcoming fashion collection “THE LAD”. She basically gave him the ideas of what she was looking for and Miles illustrated it.

The “Colorism” collection has not been released just yet. Destiny isn’t sure when she will drop it. It may be some time this year for sure. This collection pushes the definition of (colorism- discrimination used because of skin color is a form of prejudice or discrimination in which people are treated differently based on the social meanings attached to skin color). After doing research, Destiny decided for her color story the collection would be different shades of brown. This will represent a variety of shades also the editorial makeup that her models are wearing will represent the pain that our ancestors had to go through.

When asked what did Destiny learn about herself while working 52hrs a week, being a student of fashion designing, and also planning/executing a fashion show?

Destiny stated:

I learned that I could actually do WHATEVER I put my mind to. I didn’t know how deep my passion was for designing until I wanted to design and sew more than I wanted to sleep. My mom always told me that I was very “persistent” and that I needed to put that towards [something]. Honestly, it didn’t feel like 52 hours because its something that I actually LOVE doing. I get very excited. I find joy while planning my shows and designs, because as a kid all I did was “DREAM”! NOW….Im at a place where I can turn those dreams into reality through my events and designs. I feel like a little kid at heart. Those “little” events that I had while playing with my dolls, the dreams that I followed are now unfolding into something REAL.”

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