Boot Blogs Brief Article: Nitza Beauty

Taileone Cooper, the founder of “Nitza Beauty” was born in Tacoma, Washington. She lived there during her youthful years, but over time Taileone and her family eventually moved to Macon, GA. “Nitza Beauty” was created in 2017 while she was living in Tallahassee, Florida attending college.

The inspiration and meaning behind “Nitza Beauty” was Taileone being enlightened to know that she’s an Israelite and daughter of The Most High Yah. Through this she’s learned some of the heritage and languages associated with these findings. The word, Nitza, is of Hebraic Root for “Blooming Flower“. Taileone finds this to be relative to herself, because she has always liked learning and was inspired by nature and the things around her. She has always thought of herself as an Entrepreneur! Taileone has never thought of herself to be working a “regular job” and doing “regular things“. She enjoyed her freedom and used the tools around her to better herself for the future. She’s a follower of The Most High first, a wife second, and an entrepreneur third. When asked what her journey was like Taileone stated:

My journey is a tough one and is made for the strong to endure. I’ve often encountered realizations of self-doubt, lack of enthusiasm or motivation, and many other short comings, but greater opportunities have presented themselves to me that continue to keep me going. This helps me maintain my freedom of mind, body, and spirit.

Nitza Beauty carries a unique pair of sunglasses; however they [weren’t] specifically created by Taileone, but they were individually picked by her. She states that the sun always shines and there was a need for unique accessories like no other. Through intensive research and multiple vendor relations, she came across sunglasses that were sure to be set apart.

Crystals are a unique representation of spirituality, although crystals have no specific meaning to her. She finds beads and crystals with colors that are eye catching and inspiring and chooses to create mind blowing accessories that develop their own personalities!

Taileone explains: Czech

Czech, is simple a bead type. These are relatively small beads that are almost the size of rice, if not smaller. These beads are used in my crafts for bracelets, necklaces, anklets, waist beads, and much more. I’ve even experimented with sewing the beads onto fabric so there are tedious but very universal.”

Taileone explains: “Perpetual Spirit”

Perpetual Spirit” was inspired by The Most High Yah. He has a spirit that is everlasting and it has a fill on me.”

Taileone states:

Each day I am growing wiser, meeting new people, and doing whatever it is that I love. I only wish to inspire others to work for themselves, because it is far more rewarding.”

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