Boot Blogs Brief Article: 3 African-American Boys Under The Age 14 Become Master Players!

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September of last year, Justus (13) became the youngest African American player to obtain the Master Rank. Joshua (13), who was a few months younger than him became a master last December and James (12) became a master in last July.

A Master Player is someone who was accepted as an Expert Player, but now has an Official meaning.

Several years ago during competitions the three boys met, Justus won many of their early games so he had an edge over James, before James caught up. James and Joshua going head to head have several wins against each other. Justus and Joshua have rarely competed against each other. The great thing about this story is the boys may share a rivalry, but they also share a friendship! Justus, Joshua, and James see themselves as role models as well!

All three have different approaches to the game! Joshua and Justus agree that James studies the most, and Joshua admits he’d rather play than practice.


“I like the competition. And I like that chess is an art.”

Justus says he‘s the most aggressive of the three, and he and James agree that Joshua is the most unpredictable.


“Joshua likes to change up his openings during tournaments.”

The boys must sometimes travel overseas to play in more prestigious competitions. They are set to play in the World Youth Chess Championship in Brazil this week!

Being that the boys study with professional coaches who are Grandmasters the lessons are $100 an hour. The families have Sponsors to help financially or they pay for the instruction themselves. All three boys aspire to be a grandmaster by the time they graduate high school!

All three have played in the Marshall Chess Club Championship in Manhattan last month. Justus and Joshua finished with not so good results. It was said they lacked consistency.

Before James tied for Fifth in the last round, he beat Yefim Treger, who is a strong Veteran Master in his 50’s! Treger uses unorthodox openings, which makes him a tough opponent. James kept his head, stayed patient, seized his space, and built up his attack until he was forced through a passed pawn! James wrapped up the game by cornering and checkmating Treger’s king! Life is full of trial and error and I’m sure those three will definitely become Grandmasters no matter what! Thank you again for your time and remember to click “+Follow” to receive email alerts when an article is posted!

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