Boot Blogs Brief Article: Devin Solace “Nived” Clothing Line

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Macon’s own Devin Price! Creator of “Nived” clothing line! What drew Devin into fashion was a friend of his from high school and his favorite local skate shop. Nived was established in 2017. Devin always wanted his name on a brand, but always thought his name was “too boring” so he decided to spell it [BACKWARDS]. On the back of Devin’s Nived Apparel T-shirts states an interesting quote:

“No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality”

-Shirley Jackson

Devin browsed the internet for articles and he came across this quote. The quote spoke volumes to Devin, he found it to be very interesting. Devin stated:

“It explains we all have our breaking points what we think is normal could be false, everything we believe in could be false. Everything could be fake.”

Devin has a “Protect Ya Neck” collection that was inspired by a Wu Tang Clan song. He’s a fan of old school hip hop.

When asked was his 3 multi colored “Nived” hoodie 90’s influenced with it’s unique design Devin stated:

“I’m not really sure what inspired those colors I came up with them off the top of my head”

Devin later came up with another collection:“The End Of The World”

Devin has always been fascinated with “Apocalyptic” things, because it fits his [aesthetic] of very well.

Right now Devin is just focusing on growing his brand, he’s also received orders from across the country and other countries so it’s clear that Nived is very much loved, very much growing, and headed in the right direction. Devin has hopes to go worldwide. That is very much destined for Devin. Continue to be consistent, motivated, positive and it will happen! Go checkout “Nived” clothing line on Instagram: “devin.solace” Thank you again for your time and remember to click “+Follow” to receive email alerts when an article is posted!

P.s. Every Owl Has A VISION…

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