Boot Blogs Brief Article: SahBabii Retire at 22

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Saaheem Valder Atlanta, Ga rapper whose been rapping since he was 15 better known as “SahBabii” you may know him for his breakout song, “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick,” that track was recorded on his brother’s broken microphone in his family’s bedroom studio. SahBabii actually quit his job at Dicks Sporting Goods to fully pursue his rap career. At that time “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” grossed 14 million views on YouTube, 45 million streams on SoundCloud, 54 million on WorldStar.

SahBabii hit single was also remixed by the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Young Thug, Fetty Wap, and T-Pain. SahBabii was flown out to London and introduced to Drake by Young Thug. After catching the labels and internet’s attention SahBabii was offered [16 different label deals]! He decided to sign to Warner Bros. When asked why SahBabii stated:

“Warner just felt like the right place for me.” He said he also loved Warner Bros cartoons. Cont. “I didn’t have to sit behind no other big artist,”. “They told me I could be Michael Jordan over there.”

Before signing to Warner Bros SahBabii dropped “Squidtastic” which came in Top 10 on Apple Music, amongst J Cole and Cardi B. It reached Top 13 on all genres. You can see why so many labels wanted him right? Fans may have loved his hit single “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” but it [wasn’t] SahBabii’s favorite.

SahBabii: “I just thought it was a little basic,” “I felt like I could’ve went harder on that.”

In the visual SahBabii seems a bit uncomfortable brandishing firearms on camera. When asked, Why are you retiring at 22? SahBabii stated:

I just wanna do more stuff, like making anime video games. I dropped like three solid projects. So the fans can always enjoy that.” “It’s only so much ideas you could come up with. I try to go hard on all projects. It’s basically giving my mind a rest. I just gotta go see some more stuff so I could talk about more stuff. You gotta see stuff and be around stuff to inspire you. So I gotta get in some more levels in life.”

SahBabii has gained exponential success from his hit single and projects! I think it’s safe to say with great investments SahBabii will definitely be okay with early retirement. He’s definitely not limiting himself. A European tour is in the works, as well as a trip to Japan where SahBabii will shoot his highly anticipated video for “Animei World,” SahBabii will be dropping his album “Wolverine” soon after, which will be his [Last Project]! Thank you again for your time and remember to click “+Follow” to receive Email Alerts on the next article!

P.s. Every Owl Has A VISION…

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