Nia Rennix Talks Becoming A Clinical Nutritionist, Living & Working in Vietnam, Beijing, Haiti, Hong Kong, & More!

Nia Rennix! She is a Clinical Nutritionist with over 10 years of experience.

Boot Blogs: What made you interested in becomingI a Clinical Nutritionist? 

Nia Rennix: I became a CN because of my own struggles with food, health conditions (PCOS Acanthosis Nigricans) and weight loss. Once I created my own weight loss method and lost over 100 pounds, other people started noticing and inquired about what I was doing. That’s when The Rennix Weigh was born and that’s when I decided to go back to school and get my degrees dietetics and clinical science- to help other who are struggling.

Boot Blogs: You’ve been doing this for over 10 years! You also specialize in blood sugar regulations, weight loss, & diabetes just to name a few. What are some great tips for those that may not know of The Rennix Weigh? 

Nia Rennix: The Rennix Weigh is a simple approach to weight loss & wellness by using a combination of whole nutrient dense foods. TRW believed in 4 fundamental principles. The first step is to buy TRW Book- this book is a step by step process on how Nia lost weight. Included are recipes, tips , and a sample menu. We offer plenty of 1:1 support with one of our wellness coaches, which is a separate cost but well worth it in order to make sure you are following the program correctly. We also offer guides, cookbooks, and other products to support your journey. 

Boot Blogs: What was it like living & working in Vietnam, Beijing, Haiti, Hong Kong etc.? 

Nia Rennix: Living and working in those countries were awesome. I learned a lot about different health modalities of that region. The people were curious about me, but very open to learning. There were traditional Chinese medicine/tea shops on almost every corner, which was amazing. I often visited them. During my time there, I also learned how to speak some mandarin. 

Boot Blogs: When you studied Chinese Medicines, did anything surprise you in the process of learning new treatment methods? 

Nia Rennix: I was surprised at how seriously they took  Traditional chines medicine. For them, it is a lifestyle and primarily the only treatment that works for them. I was able to study under some amazing herbalist and naturopaths who had grown up in that way of life. It was like their family business. Ive learned ways to incorporate some of their traditional methods into TRW program.

Boot Blogs: You’ve been on ABC, MSN, NBC, & Shape Magazine What was that experience like being able to share The Rennix Weigh these platforms?

Nia Rennix: It has been an awesome experience to share my unique weight loss challenges and how I’ve overcome. I love sharing how I healed my PCOS and Acanthosis Nigricans by using TRW Method. There had been a ton of positive feedback. We love our clients who have made positive changes in their weight loss journey. They have always supported and given us constructive feedback. We have recently gone through a rebranding of the program, so there is lots more to come. 

Boot Blogs: You lost 120 lbs! You also turned it into a company! What was that journey like? 

Nia Rennix: The journey was exciting, humbling, and difficult. Being an entrepreneur is extremely rewarding but a lot of long nights and weekends. Through my journey I’ve met a lot of great people and a lot of individuals who just saw dollar signs. I was fortunate to have a great support system who was there for me when I felt down about the future of TRW. Over the last 10 years, the business has had its ups & downs. It has gone through several rebranding in order to stay up to date with the times. New teams have been put in place to meet the demand. It continues to be an awesome journey and we look forward to the future. 

Boot Blogs: You’ve worked with profit/non- profit organizations, you were Senior Director of nutritional programs in NYC explain how your patients impacted your life/experiences as well? 

Nia Rennix: Having an opportunity to work with patients in varying communities has given me valuable insight that not every case or every person is the same. During my time at the university, we weee taught different nutritional models and theories, but that’s really all it is. When you get out into the world, there are som many factors that contribute to ones unhealthy lifestyle. Seeing patients who had similar health issues as mine made me work even harder to find a realistic and simple approach to weight loss. Coming from a multi-cultural home and having diverse patients, I learned how to create healthy dishes that were culturally specific, so more people would enjoy the weight loss journey. 

Boot Blogs: In what ways did you apply The Rennix Weigh to your everyday life?

Nia Rennix: I apply TRW daily. It is a way of life for me. I use the combination of foods that is recommended about 75% of the time. It’s important for everyone to know that TRW program is a lifestyle change not a quick fix. It’s the kind of program that your family can follow. TRW program allowed me to control my symptoms of PCOS & Acanthosis Nigricans, therefore I will always include components of The Rennix Weigh  in my daily routine. 

Boot Blogs; How should others apply it when living on a tight budget? 

Nia Rennix: TRW program is extremely easy and economical. All foods can be purchased at local supermarkets. None of our recipes have fancy ingredients that you have to buy. You can also use the program when dining out. We have a variety of services and products that meet anyone’s budget.

Boot Blogs: After reading your story, this was a calling for you. This was something that wasn’t money driven. What advice would you give anyone that is trying to expand their company, but don’t quite know where to start? 

Nia Rennix: I would say to be prepared to work long hours on your specialty. Keep up with the latest trends in your industry. Find a mentor in your field and ask lots of questions. Google is your best friend. I learned so much on my own from just reading articles in google and watching YouTube videos. I learned so much about social media marketing  and how to obtain followers and customers who were interested in my product. I would simply say stay focused and prepared for the haters because there will be some, but if you believe in your business don’t let anyone dim your light. Starting a company is a lot of work, but extremely rewarding.

Boot Blogs: To stay on track with you’re recipes where can the people find out about The Rennix Weigh? 

Nia Rennix: Right now, TRW website is under construction. You can always keep up-to-date with whats going on by following us on IG @rennixweigh. You can also sign up for our recipes & tips by going to http://www.therennixweigh.com. Also, feel free to email us at hello@therennixweigh.com.

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