Brande Pa’Trice Talks About Her Music, Earning Business & Majorette Scholarship & More!

Boot Blogs: Hello Brande Patrice! Let the people know who you are and where you’re from! 

Brande Pa’Trice: I’m Brande Pa’trice, the baddest of all the bees across the land, and I’m from Memphis Tennessee. 

Boot Blogs: Okay, so you’re from Memphis! Did anyone from Memphis influence you musically? 

Brande Pa’Trice: No. 

Boot Blogs: You started singing & dancing at the age of 4. How would you describe that confidence as a four year old being able to perform for others without the discomfort of nervousness or being shy? 

Brande Pa’Trice: I was a nervous and shy child/adult. But when I heard the music, I became instantly ready and not afraid to perform and show my talents. I still have moments where I am shy and nervous. 

Boot Blogs: You’ve had some great achievements throughout you’re high school and college career. Being a majorette, What was that like? I’m pretty sure you enjoyed it.

Brande Pa’Trice: I loved being a majorette. I’ve been a majorette since I was 5 until my senior year of college. I always was a leader and great entertainer. I received so much recognition for my talent which soon carried over into the music. I’ve always been best majorette, best personality, best smile, and section of the year. 

Boot Blogs: After auditioning you earned a business & majorette scholarship at Texas Southern University Live! How did you balance the two? 

Brande Pa’Trice: It was fairly easy. I knew I wanted to start my life over in Houston, and reintroduce myself to the world and make a great name for myself. So it was fun and manageable. 

Boot Blogs: What contributed to you dropping out you’re freshman year?

Brande Pa’Trice: I was very ill from being in a new city and not acclimated to the weather. I never stopped moving around and then I tore a ligament in my ankle and it forced me to be removed from the band and lose my scholarship. 

Boot Blogs: What was that transition like from a university to a community college, which was Houston Community College? 

Brande Pa’Trice: I felt like I was starting over. I had no car, but I made it a point to go to school everyday and get my mojo back. I would be at the bus stop at 3am and not make it back home until 11pm everyday. 

Boot Blogs: You were homeless at one point. All you had was an iMac, you suffered from depression & sickness! How did you make it through? By the way I am so happy that you are doing much better and I want to say continue to keep going! 

Brande Pa’Trice: I don’t know how I made it through. None of my friends helped me during that time and no one reached out. I still suffer today, but I’m fighting to achieve my dreams and pray I’m able to give my dream my all. 

Boot Blogs: You moved back to Memphis, woke up one day with the courage to pursue you’re music career and its paying off! How does that feel? 

Brande Pa’Trice: It feels surreal because even though I gave up on myself, I still had faith it could happen. Now that it’s happening, it feels great. 

Boot Blogs: Will you incorporate your journey into any upcoming projects? 

Brande Pa’Trice: I’m not sure if I’m ready to incorporate my health into my projects. I don’t feel comfortable with that aspect yet. 

Boot Blogs: What should fans expect from Brande Pa’Trice in 2019? Is there an album, mixtape, or single in the works? 

Brande Pa’Trice: I’m praying to perform at the BET Awards 2019, and release at least 3 singles that year. The album I have right now is such a great work that I believe it will carry me throughout 2019. 

Boot Blogs: What advice would you give any artist or individual in general that may be facing the same hardships you’ve experienced? 


Brande Pa’Trice: It’s quite hard for me to tell someone to keep faith cause I knew at times I felt worthless and doomed to failure. But what I can say is never stop writing, dancing and making music. Even when it’s dark in your life, you gotta push through. It’s going to hurt and not make sense, but do it anyway. You gotta pray even when you don’t believe. 

Boot Blogs: What does Brande Pa’Trice expect from Brande Pa’Trice? 

Brande Pa’Trice: I expect nothing but greatness from myself. Anything less than that, is unacceptable. Even though I suffer with depression and panic disorder, I still hold myself accountable and responsible for my success. And I will never let myself be the reason I don’t make it to my greatest potential.

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