Crude Boy Talks How Sonny Spoon Influenced His Music, Rapping At Age 6, & More!

Boot Blogs: Hello Crude Boy, For those that may not know, let them know who you are and where you’re from.

CrudeBoyy: What’s good fam it’s CrudeBoyy coming str8 out of Macon,Ga. Big ups to the city man much respect to all the artists out here putting in work.

Boot Blogs: You grew up being the 3rd child of 7. What was that like growing up, being that you seldom seen you’re farther?

CrudeBoyy: Being the 3rd of 7 gave me balance. Growing up I was able to observe my older siblings and formulate my approach on things. I was able to progress and also be there for the ones up under me. We’re very goal oriented in my family. So with me being older and coming up with the oldest, I set out to set the bar high in hopes that our youth would follow my lead. I had become accustomed to my father’s absence due to him being military. I was used to not seeing him. That really just fed me the fuel and determination to push harder at all I’ve done and am continuing to do.

Boot Blogs: You started rapping at the age of 6 and Sonny Spoon is your uncle. In what ways did he influence you’re drive to rap?

CrudeBoyy: I learned allot from Spoon man. Back when we was living at my grandma’s house in the early days, he was always writing and recording music. I was just so moved by how he conveyed his message. Like the stories he told really started to hit home as I grew up. I started writing and working on my craft and by the time I was able to play him some of my material, I was able to return the favor. He advised me that if this is what I wanted, that I had to be willing to make sacrifices and really dedicate myself to my work.

Boot Blogs: Other artists such as Jay – Z, Lil Wayne, Fabulous, & Master P influenced you as well. What did you grasp from each of them musically?

CrudeBoyy: Musically I was able to grasp creativity and consistency. Wayne and Fab gave me the spark to be creative with the word play and to start to really think outside the box. Like we all see the same shit thru different eyes so only you can truly tell your story. Master P and Hov gave me the insight on the hustle side of things. Outside of listening to their music, I started to pay close attention to their interviews. If you’ve ever heard either of those brothers speak, you’d know they stay dropping jewels.

Boot Blogs: What does the quote “Misguided and under-graduated youth of America” means to you and how do you project this to your fans?

CrudeBoyy: Misguided and undergraduated youth of America just means to me there’s still allot of work to be done. Like in the beginning things may seem dark and dim, but as you continue to strive, that little ‘ll begin to manifest. I project this to my fans by remaining honest in my music being true to them and most importantly true to myself.

Boot Blogs: What advice would you give an upcoming rapper that may be facing the same struggles that you have faced?

CrudeBoyy: The advice I would offer an upcoming rapper is that the best advice is no advice. Remain humble and yet diligent. Don’t ever let anyone or anything steer you away from your dreams. Ppl tend to see your light shine and develop a bit of jealousy and hate for you and begin to tell you things to discourage you or start treating you different but it’s not you they truly hate but more so the opportunity that you’d been given differs from theirs.

Boot Blogs: You have a great amount of visuals for the tracks on “Paperkuttz” What would like your fans to grasp from you that they can’t grasp from any other rapper?

CrudeBoyy: I want folk to grasp a sense of truth and realness from my music. I’m not hating or discriminating against any other artist I mean it’s allot of talent in the game nowadays. But I’m really one of the ones who came from nothing. I always got up and went for mine. I feel like an advocate for the insubordinates and misfits. Ppl always tried to tell me what I couldn’t do and what I shouldn’t do but could never deplete me of my focus. My content is very relatable because I’m not just penning lyrics, I’m speaking on my experiences from life and all the trials and tribulations I’m continuing to face. I know I’m not the only who’s been where I’ve been.

Boot Blogs: I love the outro of the track “Paperkuttz” What inspired the track?

CrudeBoyy: The outro to paperkuttz was not only a conclusion to mixtape but more so my projection of what to expect next. I was inspired to write it at the completion of the rest of the songs. Listening thru the songs back when I received the mix downs, I was proud of the work I had put in and got inspired to write it in hopes to getting the ppl more in tune with Crude.

Boot Blogs: What’s your favorite track on “Paperkuttz” and why?

CrudeBoyy: My favorite track on Paperkuttz is “Squawk box.” Because it depicts a place in my life where I left home and moved to Atlanta to pursue my career and all the experiences I faced while I was out there. Then I came home and the ppl I considered to be my friends had switched on me. Because instead of just sitting round counting my days, I took matters in my own hands and sought out to make a difference and really manifest destiny.

Boot Blogs: If you could do a feature with your favorite rapper, who would it be?

CrudeBoyy: If I could do a feature with my favorite rapper, it’d have to be Jay-Z. He’s very deep with his word play and story telling. I feel like we’d create a mass of masterpieces together frfr.

Boot Blogs: What should Crude Boy and his fans expect in 2019?

CrudeBoyy: In 2019, expect more exclusive content from me. My follow up mixtape “The Remedy” should be ready for release this coming spring. You can expect to hear more of my truths like I’m really pouring my heart out on this one. I’ve also done a number of features that will be released next year so y’all be on the look out for those as well.

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