Offset & Cardi B Spotted In Puerto Rico!

Good News Night Owls! Cardi B & Offset Have Reconciled; However Some Believe This May Have Been a “Publicity Stunt” ! The Old Cliche When Certain Celebs That Are Preparing To Drop a New Single, Video, or Album And Suddenly There Is Either So Called Chaos Or Beef That They Have Brought Attention To On Social Media.

Speaking of Those In Particular Summer Bunni Actually Was Or Still Is Having a Promo Apology Tour. I Don’t Know About My Night Owls, But That’s Definitely Publicity On Her End. All In All It’s Nice To See The Pair Together Happy & Careless.

You may be thinking why are they in Puerto Rico? Are they on a “planned” vacation? No! Their not last night Cardi B had a set in San Juan at the Electric Holiday Festival.

Offset seems to be showing up everywhere Cardi is to prove to her that he is willing to face her and his mistakes! He’s showing that he’ll do whatever it takes and looks like Cardi is willing to let the anger go. Everyone goes through things, but that doesn’t mean give up. Hopefully they can keep their relationship out of the public by not posting about it at all regardless if the media puts it out there. The best thing to do is seek counseling, work towards forgiveness, healing, and staying off the internet focus on “Real” life!

What Do My #NightOwls Think About This?

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