Shudi B Nate Talks What Influenced His Career, The Key Elements Of Producing, & More!

Introduction: Hi. My name is Shudi Nathaniel “Nate” Nelson also known as “Lil’ Nate NB” or just “NB” & I am a music producer, audio, mixing, & mastering engineer, & an entrepreneur.

Boot Blogs: For those who may not know, let the people know where you’re from?

Shudi B Nate: I was born in Daytona Beach, Florida but was raised in Macon, Georgia on a street called Penfield Place.

Boot Blogs: Who/What influenced your career?

Shudi B Nate: Michael Jackson, Prince, T-Pain, Pharrell Williams, Timbaland, Lil’ Wayne, just to name a few.

Boot Blogs: What was it about the music world that caught your attention coming when you were growing up?

Shudi B Nate: I guess I just like how sounds & vibrations are created each & everyday & it made me want to be a part of that environment of creators. I’m just a huge lover for creative sounds.

Boot Blogs: What key elements did you take from being a producer?

Shudi B Nate: For me, it’s understanding how far I can go as to creating a new sound or recreating an old sound & understanding the capabilities of making it happen. That inspired me to want to keep going forward with it.

Boot Blogs: If you have, when around other producers what do you learn from them?

Shudi B Nate: I guess seeing what drives them to making music, what sounds catches their attention, what instruments or programs they love to use, & try to incorporate each experience from different producers into my own career.

Boot Blogs: What are the pros and cons to being a producer?

Shudi B Nate: Pros: being able to adapt into a new sound & getting the thrive off of making music. Cons: getting stuck trying to please the masses more than yourself & being stuck in a box, creating the next “hot thing” because of trends.

Boot Blogs: Is there a time when you get overwhelmed at any point in a good way about your career?

Shudi B Nate: I was always told, “It’s best to have mo’ work than no work” lol but I look at it as me trying to balance myself, so I won’t fall overboard trying to utilize my full attention towards JUST the music & lose site on life itself. Gotta meditate every now & then.

Boot Blogs: What do you look to for motivation to keep pushing through?

Shudi B Nate: I’m a biblical person. I’m not into religion but I read the bible for what it is. It helps me to get a better understanding of things & how to set my mindset for certain occasions in my life & learning how to keep learning along the way.

Boot Blogs: What advice would you give an aspiring Producer?

Shudi B Nate: Find & create YOUR sound, not just someone else’s. Also, know how far you can go into creating sounds. Music will never die. & love & enjoy doing what you do. Don’t do it for the wrong purposes, like JUST money. Learn to love the history behind it & know that you can go beyond the stars with it.

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