Billie Slum Talks What Influences Him Musically, Upcoming Projects, & More!

Boot Blogs: Hello Billie Slum! For those that may not know tell everyone where you’re from?

Billie Slum: I was born and raised in Macon, Georgia.

Boot Blogs: First off, How did you get the name Billie Slum?

Billie Slum: When I was younger, me and my homies was heavy into Wu Tang, and each of the members had aliases. You know, Method Man was Johnny Blaze, Rza was Bobby Steelz, Inspectah Deck was Rollie Fingers, Tony Starks etc. So, to keep it short, we wanted to be the southern version of Wu Tang as kids. Hence, the name Billie Slum.

Boot Blogs: Who/What influenced you to do music?

Billie Slum: I actually grew up singing in the church. And my grandmother helped run a bootleg in the projects from time to time, so I was constantly around records playing. You name it, Otis Redding to Wilson Pickett, Stevie Wonder to the Georgia Mass Choir, I was exposed to it all! I would always write poetry in school, but who made me really want to start writing rhymes was a rap group called Das Efx.

What artist(s) totally influenced you and your music when you were growing up? And did it contribute to how you make music?

Billie Slum: Nas definitely. He was my introduction to style and word play. Prince made me want to sing as well as rap, and Outkast influenced me to embrace my southern roots versus trying to sound like the east coast to be accepted.

Boot Blogs: As far as being an artist… What advice would you give an artist that may be in the same position as Billie Slum?

Billie Slum: Consistency and patience is key. Have a plan with specific targets as well as a team that believes in your vision. Then work the plan step by step.

Boot Blogs: What was your experience within your career? Also what are the pros and cons from your point of view?

Billie Slum: My career has been a slow but gradual climb, with no complaints because I’ve always done exactly what I set out to do without mainstream backing. The cons of being independent is that you take on all losses when a project doesn’t connect. The pros, however, are that the profit is all yours when a project does finally connect. That, and the fact that you are in complete control of your artistic vision. Nothing like it.

Boot Blogs: What was the journey like for your first album/mixtape?

Billie Slum: My first solo effort was well received in the streets, but not as much on the internet. You could say that experience was bittersweet, but I didn’t let it stop me. How would you say your music has changed since then? I definitely have a more mature and universal sound whereas before I only spoke of my neighborhood. I’ve lived and experienced a lot more.

Boot Blogs: Asking for the fans do you have any upcoming projects?

Billie Slum: Well, my current project is called Time Money Dedication and it’s available on all streaming platforms right now. I also have a new project coming, but no set release date at this moment.

Boot Blogs: If so What should your fans expect on the new project?

Billie Slum: Expect music that’s going to make you move. I’ll leave it at that.

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