Blacc Mel Talks His New Label “Undergraduates” Rapping, Producing, & More!

Boot Blogs: Hello Blacc Mel! For those that may not know let the people know where you’re from?

Blacc Mel: I’m from Macon, Ga. West Macon to be exact.

Boot Blogs: Who did you grow up listening to or what rappers influenced your music/career?

Blacc Mel: I grew up listening to a variety of things. I recall a time where me and all my cousins would debate on which member each one of us were from boy bands such as jagged edge and b2k. My aunt always played west coast music around the house so that’s how I became familiar with hip hop. Some of the artist that had an influence on me would be Tupac, OutKast, Nwa and pretty much anything that came out in the 90’s.

Boot Blogs: What is it like to step into the producer role even as a rapper as well?

Blacc Mel: Being a producer and artist is a challenge at times, especially for me! Sometimes when I’m selling beats it’s like getting your favorite gift for Christmas and having to give it away as soon as you unwrap it. Most of my beats never hit the internet because they’re sold as soon as I finish them. I had to learn how to manage what I would keep for myself and what I would be willing to sell. I think it’s all about balance at the end of the day.

Boot Blogs: With being an artist, what advice would you give an upcoming artist on strengths and weaknesses?

Blacc Mel: I’d give artist the same advice I gave myself early on, play at your own pace! There’s no need to keep up with what’s going on. You’re in a lane of your own for a reason. In a game that is always changing its rules you’ll lose yourself trying to follow fads that never last. Stay true to your art and you’ll create a wave instead of riding one.

Boot Blogs: If you had the chance what would your knowledgeable self tell your old self as far as preparation for what was to come?

Blacc Mel: Take your time but don’t waste your time. I missed out on a lot of opportunities by simply not being prepared. Many people think you have to go overboard with the creation process just to get your point across but simplicity is key. I would overthink video concepts, artwork, even songs. What I thought to be perfection was actually procrastination. So I’d tell myself or anyone else, get the ball rolling. Once people see you in motion they’re more than likely going to hop on your wave because they see it moving. People can’t support what’s not in motion.

Boot Blogs: What are the pros and cons to Blacc Mel when it comes to artistry?

Blacc Mel: Well, basically the way I started my verse in the single “Grace” sums up everything. Most times I’m my biggest critic. That can be a good thing but also a bad one. Until I’m completely satisfied with my work I won’t release it. On the flip side of that my fans appreciate the wait because I’ve given them quality work each time. It’s a lot that goes into the music and that’s why I’ve got in the habit of creating deadlines, planning ahead and getting just about all of the things I need out of the way in advanced.

Boot Blogs: What do you look forward to giving your fans in the near future?

Blacc Mel: 2019 is pretty much set in stone. With the new label already in motion and 2 new releases from myself already completed, I’m looking to give the fans a brand new side of me. I took a different approach with these next two projects so it’s not like the BlaccMel everyone is familiar with. But I hope they enjoy it just as much.

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2 thoughts on “Blacc Mel Talks His New Label “Undergraduates” Rapping, Producing, & More!”

  1. Interesting conversation I haven’t been keeping up with Blaccmels’s career but I hope to see a lot more in the near future for the guy it’s time for that.. Blacc, bro if you reading this I’m proud of you gangsta crip lmao

    Liked by 1 person

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