Justine Skye Talks Domestic Abuse & New Single “Build” In Recent Interview With The Breakfast Club.

Roc Nation singer Justine Skye did a recent interview with The Breakfast Club and in the interview Skye stated that she had been in an abusive relationship. Skye never revealed who her abuser may have been; however fans speculated that she was referring to new rapper “Sheck Wes.” Who’s hit single “Mo Bamba” is a well known sensational record that’s been dominating the radio. Skye took to twitter to express why she didn’t state her abuser’s name. (Read below)


What caused this speculation you might ask? 

Skye liked a series of fans tweets referencing “Sheck Wes” being her alleged abuser. One tweet stated; “FYI, Sheck Wes mentally and physically abused Justine Skye. It sucks that a lot of people won’t take this seriously enough and will continue to support him, because he’s attractive. F#%k that sh*t. Abusers don’t deserve a platform”

Her newest video “Build,” which is available on YouTube elaborates on domestic abuse.

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