Jacquees’s Quemix of “Trip” May Be Available On Pornhub

Trip on pornhub

For those that may not know Ella Mai released her follow up song “Trip” . Shortly after Jacquees dropped a Quemix, being that it took off so quickly! Jacquees fans stated that his version sounded better! Rumors surfaced that either Ella Mai’s team or DJ Mustard sent Jacquees a cease and desist letter demanding that the song had to be taken down. DJ Mustard clarified that Ella Mai herself didn’t have any say so in cease and desist letter. Although it was taken down on YouTube and Soundcloud the urge to keep the track alive drove a Super Fan by the name of “Jman890” on PornHub to upload the Trip Quemix! Some may think it is creepy or unusual to upload music to the PornHub site, but actually U.K. drill rappers post their songs there for censorship issues that they’ve encountered on YouTube. So guys was this a smart idea by Super Fan or should it be taken down permanently? Comment below! Make sure to Follow Boot Blogs webpage to receive email alerts for the latest entertainment, hip hop, and social news!  

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