Boot Blogs Interviews New & Up Coming Trap Star “Major D-Star”

Major D-star

Boot Blogs: In what ways did Ludacris, Biggie, & Jay- Z influence your music?

Major D-Star: In every way. From the content to the flows, it all had a very big impact on the way I approached music growing up especially now. I still play and study their music everyday. I want to be a legend.

Boot Blogs: How would you say “rhythm and blues” play a role in your music?

Major D-Star: I’m from Motown! The sound touches your soul so where I’m from we sample it and use instruments similar in our music to try to have the same impact on the listener. There’s nothing like that sound to me.

Boot Blogs: When you revealed to family members that your love for music was more than a hobby, how did they respond?

Major D-Star: They weren’t surprised at all because they had a feeling I had love for music. I mean its my family so they were always around when I sung those Jay-Z, Biggie and Ludacris verses. I had a different smile on my face and glow to me when I recited those songs. The only other thing I was into was hooping (playing basketball) but what rapper didn’t hoop? haha. But something about music brung out the best in me and it was obvious. So they got me my first mic and studio set up from Radio Shack to help get me started and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to thank them enough for that because that’s all I ever needed.

Boot Blogs: What all did you learn from being around producers and in what ways did you apply that to your career?

Major D-Star: Being around producers helped me learn the creative aspect of making music. Its so many creative ways to go about making music. You have to know the producers process as well to learn how to really dissect the music because every detail matters if you want to be great.

Boot Blogs: How did feel recording your first cd?

Major D-Star: It gave me a feeling like no other. I knew I wanted to keep going forever!

Boot Blogs: Would you say that the move to Miami was the best decision that you’ve made? As far as getting you and your music out there?

Major D-Star: Yes definitely, everything happens for a reason.

Boot Blogs: How did it feel opening up for wiz Khalifa and to perform twista, mystikal, & big Sean?

Major D-Star: It was an honor. It was the first time I got a chance to be involved with some of the greats and it was an hell of an experience. I learned a lot from just being around them. It helped me understand what I really needed to do and sacrifice to work my way up.

Boot Blogs: What are the pros and cons in your own perspective?

Major D-Star: The pros and cons in my perspective as far as the music industry is that if you really have a love for music its definitely worth all of it. But you have to know it comes with a lot of hate, jealousy and snakes. People are going to doubt you and your going to have to prove them wrong but the thing is those are things that you have to deal with regardless in life when you winning. But the music industry is full of snakes so you want to make sure you build healthy genuine relationships with people that you can trust. You have to have a good team.

Boot Blogs: What advice would you give an upcoming artist that’s stuck and needs to make a change, but their either scared or procrastinating?

Major D-Star: I would say keep grinding never stop for nobody because that’s what they want you to do, once you stop that’s it. Nothing equals nothing and if you really want to do something you cant be scared to do it, you have to face your fears.

Boot Blogs: What should your fans look forward to on your album, “Trap Star”?

Major D-Star: You can look forward to more greatness! Real Hip-Hop will never die. Its time to let people know how I really feel about what’s going on in the world and music industry.

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