Black Ink Crew: Sky & Her Two Sons!

Sky, Black Ink Crew

Glad to see cast member of Black Ink Crew: New York Sky and her sons bonding. Yes you read it right son with an “s” it’s clear to see that her oldest son Genesis has forgiven Sky for the things he felt she could’ve done differently or handled better as a mother. For those that may not know Sky became a mother at a very young age and she didn’t want to alter her sons lives, because she couldn’t support them properly at the time; therefore she gave them up for adoption. Not too long after her boys became of age and aware of what happened Sky attempted to rebuild a new relationship with both of them. Although last season it was a rocky start for Her and Genesis having not one but two sit downs that ended terribly. As for this upcoming season we may get to see Sky In “mommy mode” which will be very new to the viewers; however I’m sure everyone will be happy to see the happy family! Comment your thoughts below!

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